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I have been teaching in a full-time context for seventeen years. In this time I have come across many amazing students and have been inspired by them to challenge my own assumptions about anthropology, the classroom, and the world around me. This page will feature reflections on the classroom and teaching.


A number of years ago I participated in the @ONE Carnegie program related to online teaching. As a result of this project, I was abale to develop a lengthy manuscript that focused on the challenges of creating reflexive assignments in online class. You may read this manuscript by clicking on this text.

SLOS in Anthropology

Student Learning Outcomes (or SLOS) have been the subject of much debate in higher education. I had the opportunity to write a short reflection on the challenges of SLOS in Anthropology. You may read this piece by clicking on this text.


I have been involved with a creative group of anthropologists who have taken their enjoyment with teaching anthropology to the writing of a series of texts called Strategies in Teaching Anthropology. In fact, I edited the last volume of this text. As part of it, I wrote a short piece on Teaching Authenticity. You may read the pdf of it by clicking on this text.


When I first took my job at LTCC, I wanted to develop Anthropology and Sociology degrees. My thought was that these degrees would provide our students with the coursework necessary for transfer in one of these two disciplines. Some years later, I was able to develop these degrees. You may review one of the degrees by clicking on this text.


Many years ago, as a result of a student request to review a Powerpoint on gender and advertising, I decided to create a Web site dedicated to the furthering of education on gender and advertising. The Gender Ads Project is focused on the cultural intersections of gender and advertising. Its goal is to promote greater awareness of the relationships of gender and advertising as well as an understanding of the social, cultural, political, personal, psychological and other effects of gender and advertising. It currently features 3860 ads. You may click on this text to view the Web site.

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