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Please direct all speaking and press inquiries to my e-mail. Listed below are topics that I have provided interviews on as well as topics that I consider to be my expertise.

Topical Expertise
Previous Interview Topics Discussed

Cultural Remaking (notably film, video games, theme parks, historical reenactment)

Gender (advertising, relationships, connection to violence, progressive ideas for change, masculinity)

Popular Culture (advertising, film, video games, consumption, branding)

Contemporary Identity Politics (branding, social media, relationships of self and popular culture and media)

Contemporary Space (theme parks, shopping malls, casinos, restaurants, Las Vegas)

Service Industry (all aspects of service industries, employees, space, and policies)

Crime and Criminology (especially in terms of the connections of popular culture and crime, the media, and the spatial aspects of crime)

Urbanism and Public Space (including architecture, spatial planning and design, and the political and social justice issues)

Gender (advertising)
Theme Parks
Coney Island
Ski Towns (branding)
Study Abroad Education
Historical Reenactment
Social Theory
Online Dating
The War in Iraq/Afghanistan
The Patriot Act
September 11th
The Decline of the Pay phone
Local Elections and Politics
Voting and Election Patterns
Google Earth
Lying and Honesty
Education (variety of topics)
Time Shares
Tipping and the Service Industry
Community and Identity
School Violence
Criminology and Crime
Social Change
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