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I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many outstanding media outlets and share some aspects of my work as a cultural anthropologist and cultural consultant. Please have a look at this page to hear about some of these examples.

Please choose any of these links to read more about these media appearances.

Nature of Existence (directed by Roger Nygard)
KOLO 8 (Reno)
interview on theming and casinos
Theme Parks (
To the Best of Our Knowledge)
Coaster 101
FEMA (Czech Feminist Magazine)
"Animal Pen" (Tahoe Daily Tribune)
College Tragedy
Casinos &
Podcast on theming
story on distinguished faculty
Media & Sex
Angie Coiro - podcast is currently unavailable (from 2009 interview)
Story on 911
Course at LTCC
Interview in
Washington Post on gender and advertising on gender and advertising
JGU Magazine
Story (note on one of the quotes, "They [German students] seem to have the ability to think in a way that I rarely observe in the case of their counterparts in the U.S." This is not really what was said. I was commenting on a different sense of reflexivity that I noted with the German students. This may have been lost in translation from the German.)
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